Pierluigi "JONNA" Coletta born in Rome 29th august 1976. Wild boy, after to have attended asylum and elementary from the nuns, to the high school discovers the hard rock with the AC/DC. It makes to grow hats and this will create it the usual problems that, growing and attending annexed people & premises, it will exceed once found its habitat. Musically it begins to play the guitar to 15 years, in 1991. Being the father given a degree to to the conservatory in classic, concertista guitar and teaching. Jonna does not begin studying with him, in order to the interest for the rock break against practiced classic music from the father; all it is begun with the usual agreements... From endured but, famous the inheritance of the father: today JONNA it has a good musical ear and above all, one personal style that the contraddistingue regarding the greater part of the guitarists in order not to never have taken in hand a pic!!! JONNA play guitar with nails: using the first finger like a pic and the fastest dynamics of the alternated picking one with the nail of the mean; classic plays arpeggios with the customary method. The first guitar electrical worker, one mrs. guitar, arrives in 1992: one Gibson "Les Paul" study. On ending of the 1993 one joins to the group of a its neighbor of house, Marino Raffaele, which it has given life for band "Re-ciclabili", a cover band of B series (we were under-age of course!!!ndJONNA). In 1994, after little time, it currently still takes to life more long-lived its band and in activity: the JAILBREAK (found them in this same situated one and are also one here instrumental "played MILLENNIUM SKY" with to Maurizio Bidoli). With the three JAILBREAK it records demo and a promo, respective in 1995-' 96-' 97 and 2000. With this band, JONNA sound tens and tens of concerts making themselves the boneses and becoming a known name enough in the ambient roman underground. In years 96-97 it then organizes a small festival to the circle of the artists with the great MINDSCAPE and KAOTIKA(band post-FINGERNAILS of Maurizio Bidoli and Marco Santoni). JAILBREAK hosts on the transmission of PAUL MANCINI on best Magic TV ITALY and between the 10 underground bands Italian second review PSYCHO! In the 1998 JONNA it comes contacted from ALDO LUIGI MANCUSI in order to join to him band LORD BRUMMELL, with which it will record two discs "Ph-Aces" (1999) and "Tango" (2000). After a series of incomprehensions JONNA the L.B. in order to continue newly with the JAILBREAK leave that, in the meantime, had been freeze you for a some time. Always in 1998, JONNA has made part to the Glam-street-rock plan di Claudio Pucci with Massimo "WARRIOR" Di MUZIO, Marco Lustri and Gianpaolo Iosca: the band called BANG BANG! In 1999: beyond joining to the band of cover of formed AC/DC "BAD BOYS BOOGIE" from the KAOTIKA, JONNA succeeds train Maurizio Bidoli to play in the Jailbreak. From January 2001 to November 2001 JONNA has lend service like rhythm guitar in Theatres DES Vampires with name MORTIFER, with which it records and it publishes album "JUBILAEUM ANNO DRACULA 2001" with record label BLACKEND. In recent months of the 2002 they are formed also, band that it is born as tribute to THE CULT that then it will begin to compose own songs of music originates them hard/heavy in Italian; in the band there are Alex Giuliani of IV LUNA on drums, Daniele "Pinna" Amatori from "Solifuge" on the bass, Max RUSSO on the voice and Daniel "Conan" on Lead Guitar. With Also it comes recorded demo "AQUILE IN Volo". In the 2003 JONNA one joins also to the DECADENZA, StreetGothRNR Band. In the same year Maurizio Bidoli always helps to replace in feet its solo plan ANGUS toing make one's debut live to December...
In 2004 Jonna join in the LUCA FAGGELLA's band and play various gigs, one with MORGAN (BLUVERTIGO).
The new project HOT CUSTOM MAN coming, a debut album is under construction with TEMPLE OF NOISE records. HOT CUSTOM MAN debut live with L.A.GUNS in Rome.
In 2005 other great GIGS another one with L.A.GUNS, GLAM Attakk festival with TIGERTAILS and open act for STEVEN ADLERS' APPETITE (ex-GUNS'N'ROSES)...

Stay Tuned!!!