At the end of 2003 my old band “JAILBREAK”, who had previously released four demos, needed a professionally recorded song to take part in the selections for the “Festival di Napoli” (“Naples Festival”)
Once in the studio, while recording the drum tracks, I had the idea that led us where we are now, in 2009: we decided to record all the best songs that we had composed before and finally prepare our debut full length album.

The selections for the Festival went well, but we didn’t make it to the finals. Meanwhile a small record company, POWERZONE RECORDS, took an interest in the band and in the distribution of the album. We had a handful of good songs and we were all excited because finally someone was interested in our music, but there was something that changed the destiny of this album again: the record company didn’t like our old singer, Giampaolo Virga, whose voice was too melodic and whose pronunciation of English wasn’t that good.

So I explained the situation to Giampaolo after his first sessions in the studio. He didn’t want us to miss this chance and he left the band reluctantly but in agreement with me. Unfortunately this chance turned out to be completely unsuccessful.

In December 2003 I found a new singer, Andrea Di Persio, who has a great rock voice and stage presence, a really good pronunciation and a strong carisma. The band changed name to “HOT CUSTOM MAN” and the recording sessions went on without any further problems and in agreement with the record company and had its debut show in Rome, opening for L.A. GUNS.

Later, after months of silence, I found out that POWERZONE RECORDS was going through bankruptcy and I wasn’t able to contact the company boss. The project got completely stuck for almost two years, because of lack of motivations, and almost came to an end when we finally found out that POWERZONE RECORDS was gone out of business.
I had the rough mixes of the songs and I looked for other record companies, but I couldn’t find anything satisfying: they only offered absurd co-production deals and we should have had to renounce to the royalties for our songs.

In 2008 I finally decided to produce the record by myself, to complete the mixing process at TEMPLE OF NOISE studios (where we had previously recorded the tracks), and release it through ILLEGAL RECORDS, who also released THE GUESTZ’s debut EP.
I called Mimmo God (The Guestz’s singer) to sing a new version of “Ridin’ On The Road” and Luca Celletti (Lace Black, Eurosmith) to sing the edited version of “Subway Of Dreams”, with different lyrics, because I wanted to have some appealing material to put on the Web, and I wanted to hit the ground again releasing the album.

But when we finished our work Andrea Di Persio left the band without any previous warning. I would have never released our record without the official singer. It didn’t make any sense for us to release and promote it with another singer and then we all agreed that Andrea Carletti, the lead guitarist, had to be the new singer: he had shown his strong vocal skills by singing a promotional version of “Show The Real Face” that we would have published only on MySpace.

Christian Ice, TEMPLE OF NOISE boss, literally tore his hair out as he discovered that he had to modify the tracks again, but he supported my choice to terminate a recording process that we started on ADAT and ended using the marvellous technology of 2009!

We also decided that our monicker had to change again, since the band had been undeservedly stuck for almost six years: the new and more appropriate name is THE LOUD SHOOTERS! The band members also suggested that we had to add my own name because of how I had been obstinate and perseverant in wanting to terminate this opus.

My name is JONNA and these are THE LOUD SHOOTERS!!!


THE BAND (left to right):

JONNA – Guitar & Vocals
ANDREA CARLETTI – Lead Vocals & Guitar

The bench Shooters:

UMBERTO SARTINI -  Bass & Backing Vocals
ROB’N’ROLL – Bass & Backing Vocals

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(c) 2009